Back to Main COMING SOON: Absurdasia Welcome to Absurdasia! Step into an entire realm based on very fundamental hand-drawn images, music, story and atmospheric sound scapes. The game world, stories and it's art has been under development for over 20 years. Because the tested game concept was successful, there was a need for more content. By now you have over 1200 unique images available, all coming from the paper originals. Game has six playable characters and over 60 NPC figures to interact with. The story starts from the Old Fantasia. It is pretty average dragon flavoured heroic fantasy world. But after the rise of very unrealistic sandstorm over the seas, the series of abnomalies take place. The Old Fantasia is being modified and altered randomly! It starts to receive signals and entities from completely different realities. This causes dramatic changes in the power structure of The Old Fantasia. Soon the whole realm lies on the prink of existence! A notorious leader known as Sir Tomorrow-Morning along with his minions and armies has started to commit more and more outrageous acts. These deeds surpass the Mad Galigula himself in their idiocy! Could there be anyone who could save The Old Fantasia from this corruption? By any chance, is there someone who is controlling these absurd phenomenas behind the scenes? The madness has to stop! ...but who could possibly accomplish that? No idea? Who? The release has delayed a bit. New date is 25th of October 2019! There will be an opening ceremony at Mutteri Galleria at 6PM 28th of October. Address Kirstinkatu 14, Helsinki. Back to Main